How to Download And Install MacOS High Sierra Beta on Mac

macOS High Sierra beta is currently available for the developers, but as a normal Mac user, you can use it on your Mac! You require some simple tweaks, nothing else! You can do it yourself as no expert’s hand is required to do this.

The public release will roll out in June of this year, and normal users will be able to try this only after that.

Before going to try this on your Mac, you should remember some points-

This developer version will not be as user-friendly as you might have thought. The look and functions will not be smooth.

You need to get a full backup of everything on your Mac. Let’s get into full details-

MacOS High Sierra

Install- Install iOS Beta on iPhone and iPad

How to download the macOS High Sierra Beta

In the official store of Mac, you can easily find the macOS High Sierra beta for download. But before that, you need to install a specific file that may help you to find the desired files easily and install that on the Mac.

Get a developer account and log into that. Download the macOS High Sierra beta. If you don’t have a developer account access then download it from the web, a simple Google search can provide you ample of results. You don’t have to worry at all because of unofficial macOS High Sierra beta try because these files are also uploaded by the developers for common use.

Once the full file package is downloaded, click on that and open the macOSSierraDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg, it’s very simple, and anyone can do it without any special guidance.

Go with the flow and check the on screen prompts one by one to install the full package without any error. If you are facing problems, then restart the Mac and try again. It will work.

Installation takes a few minutes if it’s taking longer than usual then wait at least five minutes more because it’s a big package of files to download.

How to install the macOS High Sierra Beta

  • Let the download be finished and the High Sierra installer will start automatically and if you are facing the issue here also then open the launcher, and you will find it there.
  • Click on the “OK” and “CONTINUE” buttons one after another. Check the High Sierra Beta terms and conditions and accept that to go on.
  • Allow the APFS to upgrade and Click on the “Install” button.
  • Your password will be asked, provide that without hesitation.
  • Keep following the instructions one by one.

Then for next 30 mins, your Mac will restart several times and go through the entire installation. When it will finish then sign in with your Apple ID and password to taste the new High Sierra Beta.

How to Download and Install iOS Beta on iPhone

Apple has unveiled the latest and most talked about Mobile OS, iOS 11 and now anyone can easily try the iOS 11 beta version as it’s available for developers and even the users can try this on their iOS devices. Ample of “How to” articles and videos have made the web world junk and getting the most lucid process of installing iOS 11 betas on your device is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Install iOS Beta 11 on iphone

Step 1: Let’s step into the first step, Open the Safari browser on your device. Remember one thing- never try any other browser. Copy this link there and let it open.

Step 2: It will simply redirect to a page where you will find many options, one of which is “iOS 11” tap on that and let it be downloaded. If it’s not downloaded, try a few times more by tapping on the option. Then install the file on your device and don’t forget to reboot the device once it’s done.

Step 3: Let the device rebooted and after the successful opening of the device wait a min and then go to the “Settings” where you will find another option named “General” and tapping on that will take you to “Software update.” You will notice that iOS 11 betas will be available via OTA and if you are facing anything that may make you miss the option then wait a few minutes.

If you are not getting it, then reboot the device again. That’s all.

Once the OTA is downloaded, simply install that and let me tell you there is no special take, it’s like any other iOS update!!

# If you are gonna to install it on your device now, here is a simple reminder for you- newly released iOS 11 beta 1.0 has a lot of issues like bugs and instability while working, etc., so you should be ready to bear these all. But there is no point to get worried because you will get the final official update when it is released.

Note: iPhone 5C will not receive this update because Apple unveiled it for 64-bit devices so that that iPhone 5S will get the update

Try this way because it’s the most recommended process where any novice can also do the things single-handedly. Don’t forget to drop a comment below after successful installation of the iOS 11 beta or if you are facing any issue. Stick here for more DIY guides and tricks.

5 Best Android Apps for Anime Fans

Best Anime Apps for Android

Accessing anime was never easy before as it is today. With literally hundreds of anime sites, anyone can watch anime online anytime. The Internet has removed the boundary barrier for anime fans by giving them access to all the anime series that people from Japan are enjoying. Anime is just not an animated show it is a culture now. Getting involved in this culture is easy now. Many online portal and networks can help you as an anime fan to live every moment with their innovated product and services. As the anime industry grows, developers are taking interest to make interesting anime apps that the anime fans will love. Here let’s take a look at the few Android apps for anime fans.



This is the official app for the most popular anime streaming network. This is easily the best anime streaming app available for Android. You get to watch thousands of anime for free. The free plans are accompanied with ads which are little brutal in my opinion. You can choose their premium plans for an ad free experience, and also you get access to few more anime series that the free users might not have. Most the anime comes with English subtitle which is helpful for us non-Japanese people. The dubbed anime section has very few anime, and they need to work on that. This is a great app and should be on every anime fans phone.


Amazon is a decent place for anime fans to buy anime related products. You can buy anime figures, manga, T-shirts, accessories, collectible items and many other products. On top of that Amazon Kindle has a good collection of the manga which can be purchased. Additionally, if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can access their short anime collection from the app. Amazon is an useful app to have on Android devices for every anime fan.

DrawShow: Anime Manga Tutorial

DrawShow Anime and Manga Tutorial

If you are someone who loves to draw anime character, this app can help you. It will guide you to create anime character from scratch. You will learn everything from picking anime character to shape and sketch. Just follow the guide step by step, and you will have a fine piece of art on your hand. It has all the drawing tools that you need to create an anime character. For beginners, this is the best app to start with anime drawing. On top of that DrawShow: Anime Manga Tutorial app is free to download and use.

Comics by comiXology

Comics is one of the best Android apps for comic reading. It generally marketed as the usual DC and Marvel comic reading app. However, it also has a decent collection of manga. You can buy manga and read on the app. Device syncing is another feature of this app which let you sync all your purchased comic and manga on other devices as well.


Anime on YouTube

YouTube is a great app for every anime fans as you can discover a lot of contents related to anime. Theme songs, soundtracks, anime trailers are widely available. Also, you can find few full anime series on YouTube. Apart from that, there also few YouTuber who creates content related to anime or manga. You can find anime reviews, anime news and also top anime lists.

Do you think we missed any app? Let us know in the comments.

Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android and iOS

Videos often look awesome while frame rate per second is set at low. The beauty of slow motion videos has been magnificent; probably that’s why all the leading smartphone manufacturers are emphasising on camera fps so that anytime any video can be converted into a slow motion video.

If you are one of those who is not finding the option on the phone or having those phones where this tweak isn’t built-in, then the last resort is the pool of apps that help us to convert motion sensor of the camera according to our choice. Choosing the best apps from the array of thousand apps is really a tier some task even if you have ample time to try every individual app.

We have done that hard work for our readers. Go through the apps we have emphasized on here in below and find out which one suits you most.

best slow motion video apps for android and iOS

The SloPro

  • Platform- iOS
  • Price- Free

The top rated app of our list which can deliver you awesome slow motion quality video and that’s also at 1000fps. This isn’t all. You can easily stimulate the video at 500 fps and 1000 fps using the optical flow option available in the app! Other exciting features like frame blending, exposure lock, and hardware acceleration makes the rendering effect more than eight times which you usually get on your PC.

Wanna know the thrilling point? It comes at free of cost for iOS!! Cheers!

Other Articles to Read:

The VideoPix

  • Platform- iOS
  • Price- $0.99

It’s the king of all. It comes at $0.99 though it’s worthy to pay the amount for. Don’t make the wrong move by taking it as a simple slow motion app. Some intuitive features like slow motion editor, video frame grabber, and enhanced video player make this app stand out from all.

Video Trimmer

  • Platform- Android
  • Price- Free

We has enough for the iOS users, let’s move to the Android users. Ample options flood the Google Play Store. Like the previous one it’s not only a slow motion video but also all-in-one video editor like fade in/out, mirror, remove audio, apply various effects, video trimmer, etc. You can easily convert the video to MP3. There are many features that surely remark as one of the best slow motion video trimmers for Android.

Controlled Capture Pro

  • Platform- Android
  • Price- $2.99

Not many things in Play Store are tagged with a price. But it’s. You have to pay $2.99 to get all the features readily available on your phone. With two user-friendly modes- image capture and video capture make all the imagination come true.

Give these a shot and let us know your take, we are waiting.

How to Find Facebook Friend’s Email Address

To register and login to the Facebook account, you need to provide a valid email address. But If any user tweaks into the privacy settings and chooses not to show any email address then Facebook won’t show that up again, Facebook shows a secured sub email like but only if you know the mail address, by typing that you can find your friend. So extracting the mails of your friends is a bit tough but not an “impossible” some task at all.

Find facebook friend's email address

How to Get Email IDs of Facebook Friends

World of the internet is changing in every hour and withstanding any new feature or privacy settings web geniuses find tricks immediately.

Using the Facebook itself!!

Facebook itself provides you a way to find out email addresses, but the process is little consuming. Follow the steps

  1. The first and foremost login to your Facebook account using you’re the email address and secured password
  2. The next step is to go to the “Setting.” You can find the option on the right corner of your Facebook, “Home” page.
  3. There you will find an option “General Account Settings.” Once you click on that, you will get a link to download all of your Facebook data. Then, simply confirm your Facebook password and let the file sent to your registered mail account.
  4. There you will find the mail including a Facebook address book where you can find the email addresses of your friends.

Using Chrome Extension

  1. Open Google Chrome store and find “Facebook social toolkit” there. Once you have found that. Get a clinched click on the “Add to Chrome” button. But remember it only can be added to the “Chrome” browser.
  2. Once it’s added to the Chrome browser, activate it by clicking on the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Go to the “Premium Extraction Tool” and select the option named “Extract friends email.” Now, wait a few minutes to get a CSV file downloaded. You may get a .txt file where all the mails will be separated by commas.

 Using a Yahoo Mail

  1. Using Yahoo emails, you can find these things with a lot of ease. Just register your Facebook account with a Yahoo mail or change the primary email to a Yahoo mail. Once you are done with this successfully, now it’s time to extract the email of the buddies.
  2. Simply login to your Yahoo mail and you can get a Facebook icon on the left top of the window. Clicking on that, you will be redirected to a window asking for your Facebook credentials. This will import the Facebook contacts into your Yahoo mail ID!!

These are three methods working smoothly to extract Email ID of your Facebook friend.

Best Weather Apps for Android

We are back again with another possible best android apps article after the best screen recorder apps which we had published last month.

Smartphone becomes the brain of “know what and how” of, every quest. From general info to weather of the upcoming day’s everything is a tap away from you. If you are planning a weekend trip or vacation, then it’s important to have a clear idea about the weather of the destination.

The weather apps are the quest cruncher here. Let’s dig a little bit deeper to know about these apps.

Google’s own weather bar shows the weather prediction for a week! You can get an idea but to know more a weather app is a must.

With the changes in Smartphone, the weather apps have improved a lot, from slicker designs to simpler UI, from day to day updates to all weather quotients- you can know everything right from these apps.

Tech Ethics

Let’s take a tour of the best three weather apps for Android phones-

Weather Channel

In last few months, this app has changed the face of the traditional weather app. It has ditched the continuous scroll and UI. Now the settings and UI is quite simple and user engaging. Check the below-mentioned points to know the actual thrilling features-

  • The compact yet simple design of the UI.
  • Scrolling takes you to the more info which includes daily forecast, radar info and satellite images of a particular area.
  • Satellite images and updates are very frequent. It changes in every 15 minutes! So it’s quite dependable as it provides most recent weather forecasts.
  • You can share the info on social platforms easily with an easy tap.

Setback: Yes, in-app ads. But these are not too much annoying because the ads come after a couple of scrolls and don’t hide or overlap the info we look for. Unfortunate thing is that there is no paid version to get rid of this.


One of the most renowned apps for Android- you might have used it or using right now. On many handsets it comes as a preloaded app. The reason behind we considers it at the second place of our list because it’s damn accurate!

  • When accuracy is coupled up with a clean UI and concise, easily navigable feature it becomes easy to use and dependable! You may be shocked by knowing the fact that Accuweather is the engine behind many other weather apps in the Play store!
  • The UI is clean, simple and stable; it delivers its things in style!
  • This app is available for Android wear too, so there is no darkness in the fact that in the coming days, with the growing popularity of smart wear, Accuweather will also grow!

Yahoo Weather

We recommend installing this pretty awesome Android weather app because it’s from the house of “Yahoo” and another reason why we love it is that it comes at free of cost!

  • It’s powered by Weather Underground which has a network of personal weather stations worldwide.
  • The UI of the app is incredible. Images are pulled from Flickr and some free image services.
  • You can check the weather of your location simply by enabling the “Location On” option on your phone though by typing the name of the city or area you can check the weather of your trip destination as well.

How to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode to tackle boot Failure Issue

Just after release Windows 10 has become the hot cake due to its whole new user interface and thanks to the “free to update” tag made it viral. The basic goal was to pull all the windows users across the world into a similar platform by offering the “class apart” operating system free to everyone. Users who installed the OS using third party drivers and apps have started experiencing a new issue of boot failure, and gradually it became a nightmare.

If you are also one of them and if you have tried a lot of things to figure out the fixing ways of this problem but failed- don’t worry. You might have forgotten some simple fixes. After all, it’s a Windows thing!

Don’t think too much, just follow the below mention processes that we have tried on different PCs and got 100% success. Once you go through the points, you will realize how you have missed the simple tings!

The first and foremost way start is to start your PCs in safe mode. If you are done, we are ready to roll on-

Tech Ethics

Advanced Startup

Step 1: Once the Windows is loaded properly in “Safe Mode,” right-click on the Start button and navigates your mouse cursor over the “shut down” where more than one power options open.

Step 2: Now simply press and Hold the “Shift” key and just right after it clicks on the “Restart”. Wait a while till the PC gets rebooted and enters into the “Advanced Options” screen.

Do you know that there is an alternative way out to reach here? You can easily access the advanced options through the “settings app,” here you can press the Windows key + I at a time to get into it. After that, go to the “Update & Security” option from where you can go to the “Recovery” option.

An advanced startup screen with a “restart” option will appear, and you just need to click on that.

Step 3: Your computer will now boot into an option-laden screen as shown below. Just hit Troubleshoot to continue.

Step 4: Move your head to that “Advance” option and click on the “restart” option, that’s it.

Step 5: Your PC will automatically boot into another startup settings screen. Simply press the “F4” key, and the safe mode will be initiated.

System Configuration Utility

It’s another way to take a chill out from this irritation-

Step 1: Right-click on the “Start” button and choose the “Run” option.

Step 2: Once the “Run” screen pops up, type “msconfig” there and press “Enter”.

Step 3: You need to take a little rest because the system will go through an automatic system configuration and when it completes the process, don’t forget to check the “Safe Boot” option under the “Boot” option. It will maintain “safe mode” network connectivity.

Step 4: That’s all. Select the boot option you want to go with and click on that. BRAVO buddy! You have done it.  Enjoy.

Don’t hesitate to write us of you need any assistance regarding this processes.

Best Screen Recorders for Android

Android is the heart of the smartphone, and it goes to that extent where it allows you to record the screens and make some intuitive tutorials just like you did with your PC screens. Unfortunately, there is no specific default option to do that but installing an app is the way to capture great screens.

Finding some real cool featured Android screen recorder is a pain because the app store is highly populated with hundreds of similar apps and it’s very hard to differentiate those superficially just by analyzing the design and ratings of the customers.

We always thrive to cater the tech enthusiastic and here is the line-up of the best Android screen recorders.
Tech EthicsAZ Screen Recorder

Let’s start with the best. AZ is the pioneer in this category. Ad and water mark free features just nailed the things we want in such app! Here are the key points why we have made it to the top of our selection-

  • No annoying ads at the bottom and no root permission are required while installing!
  • Easy “resume and pause” feature increases user engagement because it’s very easy, even a novice can figure the way out.
  • The amazing part is that you can record audio.
  • Simple setting options at the left side made changing the settings easy and convenient.

Unlimited Screen Recorder

It’s a free yet an app worth of trying. Just like the first one it’s also ad free and enables users to record audio so that users can generate excellent game play tutorials!

If we are to express the points for considering the second place for this app, then these will follow-

  • One stop record and pause button is the killing feature, and we liked it most.
  • No watermark in the recorded clips!
  • With a single touch, you can share the clippings easily.


Another powerful screen recorder that has wowed the users with its crystal clear HD screen recording capability and lots of intuitive functions-

  • At the top of the right part of the screen, you can see an overlay where recording options hide. Once you tap on the “record” button, it starts recording the screen with a simple 3 seconds countdown to start the timer.
  • No maximum preset timings to record video clips; you can record hour long screen clippings. Don’t forget to select the “SD Card” of storage option if you have any intention like this.
  • It records true HD-quality video that is the real cool feature- simply WOW.

Note: It can’t record audio along with the video clips. It’s the only setback we have found in this. But if you select it with a sole purpose of recording screens only then you get a seamless performer.

I hope you had a good time reading my article.

How To Fix Windows Phone Error: 805a8011

Hey, guys, we are here with our very first article and this is about a basic issue we often face in our Windows phones. Without elaborating the intro let’s get into the topic, the error 805A8011 is the root of today’s discussion.  We will find out the reasons behind this irritating error message and will figure out the way out of this.

Tech Ethics

Why Error 805A8011 appears?

First of all, let us tell you one thing- if you are getting this error it’s neither your fault nor the fault of your luck. It’s completely a software issue of Windows mobile OS.

The root reason of this thing is random crash and connection error between the app store of Windows and Microsoft account. Sometimes the connection between these two gets broken, and you can easily check it by trying to log into your XBOX account. If your device is hit with this big then you will get the message otherwise it’s completely okay as of now.

Disadvantages of having this error

Let’s talk about the consequences of this error. Once you have received this error, you can’t update the games and apps installed don your phone! Yes, a complete disastrous moment! Moreover, you will not receive any software update of the operating system.

Then, what’s the solution?

Ahh! Once you have landed into the problem, you have absolutely no clue of this. Let me tell you switching off your phone and adding new Microsoft account can’t save you though people claim that occasionally this process save them, but it’s completely wrong because adding a new Microsoft account takes some times to come in effect and once everything gets synced, the problem arises again.

#1 let’s get a backup of the data

Before staring let’s have a backup of everything starting from contacts, texts to apps and data of the apps into your PC and SD card.

Use Windows suite to connect the device to your PC, if you are using a PC with Microsoft Windows 10, then it’s quite awesome because then you don’t have to get Windows PC suite. Windows 10 does this thing pretty well.

Pro Tip: If you are running out of storage in your PC and SD card, try one drive cloud storage option where you will get more than 100 GB data to store. Take the advantages of it.

#2 Resetting Windows Phone

Now the time comes to face to reality. Once you have got everything in backup, it’s time to move on.

Note: Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi before proceeding.

  • Go to the “settings” option and find the “About” there.
  • Click on the option “Reset your phone, ” and a warning message will appear. Just ignore it and check “Proceed.”
  • If an option “Also erase SD card” comes up, be sure that it’s not checked. You need to format the phone only.
  • Once the process starts, the phone will be formatted into factory reset settings.

#3 restores all data

Now restore all the data and you are all set to go! Kudos!

For anyone this guide went above their head, here is a video showing the same.