How To Fix Windows Phone Error: 805a8011

Hey, guys, we are here with our very first article and this is about a basic issue we often face in our Windows phones. Without elaborating the intro let’s get into the topic, the error 805A8011 is the root of today’s discussion.  We will find out the reasons behind this irritating error message and will figure out the way out of this.

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Why Error 805A8011 appears?

First of all, let us tell you one thing- if you are getting this error it’s neither your fault nor the fault of your luck. It’s completely a software issue of Windows mobile OS.

The root reason of this thing is random crash and connection error between the app store of Windows and Microsoft account. Sometimes the connection between these two gets broken, and you can easily check it by trying to log into your XBOX account. If your device is hit with this big then you will get the message otherwise it’s completely okay as of now.

Disadvantages of having this error

Let’s talk about the consequences of this error. Once you have received this error, you can’t update the games and apps installed don your phone! Yes, a complete disastrous moment! Moreover, you will not receive any software update of the operating system.

Then, what’s the solution?

Ahh! Once you have landed into the problem, you have absolutely no clue of this. Let me tell you switching off your phone and adding new Microsoft account can’t save you though people claim that occasionally this process save them, but it’s completely wrong because adding a new Microsoft account takes some times to come in effect and once everything gets synced, the problem arises again.

#1 let’s get a backup of the data

Before staring let’s have a backup of everything starting from contacts, texts to apps and data of the apps into your PC and SD card.

Use Windows suite to connect the device to your PC, if you are using a PC with Microsoft Windows 10, then it’s quite awesome because then you don’t have to get Windows PC suite. Windows 10 does this thing pretty well.

Pro Tip: If you are running out of storage in your PC and SD card, try one drive cloud storage option where you will get more than 100 GB data to store. Take the advantages of it.

#2 Resetting Windows Phone

Now the time comes to face to reality. Once you have got everything in backup, it’s time to move on.

Note: Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi before proceeding.

  • Go to the “settings” option and find the “About” there.
  • Click on the option “Reset your phone, ” and a warning message will appear. Just ignore it and check “Proceed.”
  • If an option “Also erase SD card” comes up, be sure that it’s not checked. You need to format the phone only.
  • Once the process starts, the phone will be formatted into factory reset settings.

#3 restores all data

Now restore all the data and you are all set to go! Kudos!

For anyone this guide went above their head, here is a video showing the same.

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