5 Best Android Apps for Anime Fans

Best Anime Apps for Android

Accessing anime was never easy before as it is today. With literally hundreds of anime sites, anyone can watch anime online anytime. The Internet has removed the boundary barrier for anime fans by giving them access to all the anime series that people from Japan are enjoying. Anime is just not an animated show it is a culture now. Getting involved in this culture is easy now. Many online portal and networks can help you as an anime fan to live every moment with their innovated product and services. As the anime industry grows, developers are taking interest to make interesting anime apps that the anime fans will love. Here let’s take a look at the few Android apps for anime fans.



This is the official app for the most popular anime streaming network. This is easily the best anime streaming app available for Android. You get to watch thousands of anime for free. The free plans are accompanied with ads which are little brutal in my opinion. You can choose their premium plans for an ad free experience, and also you get access to few more anime series that the free users might not have. Most the anime comes with English subtitle which is helpful for us non-Japanese people. The dubbed anime section has very few anime, and they need to work on that. This is a great app and should be on every anime fans phone.


Amazon is a decent place for anime fans to buy anime related products. You can buy anime figures, manga, T-shirts, accessories, collectible items and many other products. On top of that Amazon Kindle has a good collection of the manga which can be purchased. Additionally, if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can access their short anime collection from the app. Amazon is an useful app to have on Android devices for every anime fan.

DrawShow: Anime Manga Tutorial

DrawShow Anime and Manga Tutorial

If you are someone who loves to draw anime character, this app can help you. It will guide you to create anime character from scratch. You will learn everything from picking anime character to shape and sketch. Just follow the guide step by step, and you will have a fine piece of art on your hand. It has all the drawing tools that you need to create an anime character. For beginners, this is the best app to start with anime drawing. On top of that DrawShow: Anime Manga Tutorial app is free to download and use.

Comics by comiXology

Comics is one of the best Android apps for comic reading. It generally marketed as the usual DC and Marvel comic reading app. However, it also has a decent collection of manga. You can buy manga and read on the app. Device syncing is another feature of this app which let you sync all your purchased comic and manga on other devices as well.


Anime on YouTube

YouTube is a great app for every anime fans as you can discover a lot of contents related to anime. Theme songs, soundtracks, anime trailers are widely available. Also, you can find few full anime series on YouTube. Apart from that, there also few YouTuber who creates content related to anime or manga. You can find anime reviews, anime news and also top anime lists.

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