Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android and iOS

Videos often look awesome while frame rate per second is set at low. The beauty of slow motion videos has been magnificent; probably that’s why all the leading smartphone manufacturers are emphasising on camera fps so that anytime any video can be converted into a slow motion video.

If you are one of those who is not finding the option on the phone or having those phones where this tweak isn’t built-in, then the last resort is the pool of apps that help us to convert motion sensor of the camera according to our choice. Choosing the best apps from the array of thousand apps is really a tier some task even if you have ample time to try every individual app.

We have done that hard work for our readers. Go through the apps we have emphasized on here in below and find out which one suits you most.

best slow motion video apps for android and iOS

The SloPro

  • Platform- iOS
  • Price- Free

The top rated app of our list which can deliver you awesome slow motion quality video and that’s also at 1000fps. This isn’t all. You can easily stimulate the video at 500 fps and 1000 fps using the optical flow option available in the app! Other exciting features like frame blending, exposure lock, and hardware acceleration makes the rendering effect more than eight times which you usually get on your PC.

Wanna know the thrilling point? It comes at free of cost for iOS!! Cheers!

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The VideoPix

  • Platform- iOS
  • Price- $0.99

It’s the king of all. It comes at $0.99 though it’s worthy to pay the amount for. Don’t make the wrong move by taking it as a simple slow motion app. Some intuitive features like slow motion editor, video frame grabber, and enhanced video player make this app stand out from all.

Video Trimmer

  • Platform- Android
  • Price- Free

We has enough for the iOS users, let’s move to the Android users. Ample options flood the Google Play Store. Like the previous one it’s not only a slow motion video but also all-in-one video editor like fade in/out, mirror, remove audio, apply various effects, video trimmer, etc. You can easily convert the video to MP3. There are many features that surely remark as one of the best slow motion video trimmers for Android.

Controlled Capture Pro

  • Platform- Android
  • Price- $2.99

Not many things in Play Store are tagged with a price. But it’s. You have to pay $2.99 to get all the features readily available on your phone. With two user-friendly modes- image capture and video capture make all the imagination come true.

Give these a shot and let us know your take, we are waiting.

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