Best Weather Apps for Android

We are back again with another possible best android apps article after the best screen recorder apps which we had published last month.

Smartphone becomes the brain of “know what and how” of, every quest. From general info to weather of the upcoming day’s everything is a tap away from you. If you are planning a weekend trip or vacation, then it’s important to have a clear idea about the weather of the destination.

The weather apps are the quest cruncher here. Let’s dig a little bit deeper to know about these apps.

Google’s own weather bar shows the weather prediction for a week! You can get an idea but to know more a weather app is a must.

With the changes in Smartphone, the weather apps have improved a lot, from slicker designs to simpler UI, from day to day updates to all weather quotients- you can know everything right from these apps.

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Let’s take a tour of the best three weather apps for Android phones-

Weather Channel

In last few months, this app has changed the face of the traditional weather app. It has ditched the continuous scroll and UI. Now the settings and UI is quite simple and user engaging. Check the below-mentioned points to know the actual thrilling features-

  • The compact yet simple design of the UI.
  • Scrolling takes you to the more info which includes daily forecast, radar info and satellite images of a particular area.
  • Satellite images and updates are very frequent. It changes in every 15 minutes! So it’s quite dependable as it provides most recent weather forecasts.
  • You can share the info on social platforms easily with an easy tap.

Setback: Yes, in-app ads. But these are not too much annoying because the ads come after a couple of scrolls and don’t hide or overlap the info we look for. Unfortunate thing is that there is no paid version to get rid of this.


One of the most renowned apps for Android- you might have used it or using right now. On many handsets it comes as a preloaded app. The reason behind we considers it at the second place of our list because it’s damn accurate!

  • When accuracy is coupled up with a clean UI and concise, easily navigable feature it becomes easy to use and dependable! You may be shocked by knowing the fact that Accuweather is the engine behind many other weather apps in the Play store!
  • The UI is clean, simple and stable; it delivers its things in style!
  • This app is available for Android wear too, so there is no darkness in the fact that in the coming days, with the growing popularity of smart wear, Accuweather will also grow!

Yahoo Weather

We recommend installing this pretty awesome Android weather app because it’s from the house of “Yahoo” and another reason why we love it is that it comes at free of cost!

  • It’s powered by Weather Underground which has a network of personal weather stations worldwide.
  • The UI of the app is incredible. Images are pulled from Flickr and some free image services.
  • You can check the weather of your location simply by enabling the “Location On” option on your phone though by typing the name of the city or area you can check the weather of your trip destination as well.
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