How to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode to tackle boot Failure Issue

Just after release Windows 10 has become the hot cake due to its whole new user interface and thanks to the “free to update” tag made it viral. The basic goal was to pull all the windows users across the world into a similar platform by offering the “class apart” operating system free to everyone. Users who installed the OS using third party drivers and apps have started experiencing a new issue of boot failure, and gradually it became a nightmare.

If you are also one of them and if you have tried a lot of things to figure out the fixing ways of this problem but failed- don’t worry. You might have forgotten some simple fixes. After all, it’s a Windows thing!

Don’t think too much, just follow the below mention processes that we have tried on different PCs and got 100% success. Once you go through the points, you will realize how you have missed the simple tings!

The first and foremost way start is to start your PCs in safe mode. If you are done, we are ready to roll on-

Tech Ethics

Advanced Startup

Step 1: Once the Windows is loaded properly in “Safe Mode,” right-click on the Start button and navigates your mouse cursor over the “shut down” where more than one power options open.

Step 2: Now simply press and Hold the “Shift” key and just right after it clicks on the “Restart”. Wait a while till the PC gets rebooted and enters into the “Advanced Options” screen.

Do you know that there is an alternative way out to reach here? You can easily access the advanced options through the “settings app,” here you can press the Windows key + I at a time to get into it. After that, go to the “Update & Security” option from where you can go to the “Recovery” option.

An advanced startup screen with a “restart” option will appear, and you just need to click on that.

Step 3: Your computer will now boot into an option-laden screen as shown below. Just hit Troubleshoot to continue.

Step 4: Move your head to that “Advance” option and click on the “restart” option, that’s it.

Step 5: Your PC will automatically boot into another startup settings screen. Simply press the “F4” key, and the safe mode will be initiated.

System Configuration Utility

It’s another way to take a chill out from this irritation-

Step 1: Right-click on the “Start” button and choose the “Run” option.

Step 2: Once the “Run” screen pops up, type “msconfig” there and press “Enter”.

Step 3: You need to take a little rest because the system will go through an automatic system configuration and when it completes the process, don’t forget to check the “Safe Boot” option under the “Boot” option. It will maintain “safe mode” network connectivity.

Step 4: That’s all. Select the boot option you want to go with and click on that. BRAVO buddy! You have done it.  Enjoy.

Don’t hesitate to write us of you need any assistance regarding this processes.

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