How to Download And Install MacOS High Sierra Beta on Mac

macOS High Sierra beta is currently available for the developers, but as a normal Mac user, you can use it on your Mac! You require some simple tweaks, nothing else! You can do it yourself as no expert’s hand is required to do this.

The public release will roll out in June of this year, and normal users will be able to try this only after that.

Before going to try this on your Mac, you should remember some points-

This developer version will not be as user-friendly as you might have thought. The look and functions will not be smooth.

You need to get a full backup of everything on your Mac. Let’s get into full details-

MacOS High Sierra

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How to download the macOS High Sierra Beta

In the official store of Mac, you can easily find the macOS High Sierra beta for download. But before that, you need to install a specific file that may help you to find the desired files easily and install that on the Mac.

Get a developer account and log into that. Download the macOS High Sierra beta. If you don’t have a developer account access then download it from the web, a simple Google search can provide you ample of results. You don’t have to worry at all because of unofficial macOS High Sierra beta try because these files are also uploaded by the developers for common use.

Once the full file package is downloaded, click on that and open the macOSSierraDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg, it’s very simple, and anyone can do it without any special guidance.

Go with the flow and check the on screen prompts one by one to install the full package without any error. If you are facing problems, then restart the Mac and try again. It will work.

Installation takes a few minutes if it’s taking longer than usual then wait at least five minutes more because it’s a big package of files to download.

How to install the macOS High Sierra Beta

  • Let the download be finished and the High Sierra installer will start automatically and if you are facing the issue here also then open the launcher, and you will find it there.
  • Click on the “OK” and “CONTINUE” buttons one after another. Check the High Sierra Beta terms and conditions and accept that to go on.
  • Allow the APFS to upgrade and Click on the “Install” button.
  • Your password will be asked, provide that without hesitation.
  • Keep following the instructions one by one.

Then for next 30 mins, your Mac will restart several times and go through the entire installation. When it will finish then sign in with your Apple ID and password to taste the new High Sierra Beta.

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