How to Download and Install iOS Beta on iPhone

Apple has unveiled the latest and most talked about Mobile OS, iOS 11 and now anyone can easily try the iOS 11 beta version as it’s available for developers and even the users can try this on their iOS devices. Ample of “How to” articles and videos have made the web world junk and getting the most lucid process of installing iOS 11 betas on your device is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Install iOS Beta 11 on iphone

Step 1: Let’s step into the first step, Open the Safari browser on your device. Remember one thing- never try any other browser. Copy this link there and let it open.

Step 2: It will simply redirect to a page where you will find many options, one of which is “iOS 11” tap on that and let it be downloaded. If it’s not downloaded, try a few times more by tapping on the option. Then install the file on your device and don’t forget to reboot the device once it’s done.

Step 3: Let the device rebooted and after the successful opening of the device wait a min and then go to the “Settings” where you will find another option named “General” and tapping on that will take you to “Software update.” You will notice that iOS 11 betas will be available via OTA and if you are facing anything that may make you miss the option then wait a few minutes.

If you are not getting it, then reboot the device again. That’s all.

Once the OTA is downloaded, simply install that and let me tell you there is no special take, it’s like any other iOS update!!

# If you are gonna to install it on your device now, here is a simple reminder for you- newly released iOS 11 beta 1.0 has a lot of issues like bugs and instability while working, etc., so you should be ready to bear these all. But there is no point to get worried because you will get the final official update when it is released.

Note: iPhone 5C will not receive this update because Apple unveiled it for 64-bit devices so that that iPhone 5S will get the update

Try this way because it’s the most recommended process where any novice can also do the things single-handedly. Don’t forget to drop a comment below after successful installation of the iOS 11 beta or if you are facing any issue. Stick here for more DIY guides and tricks.

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